Writing Poetry and the Poetry Market

Writing poetry is the most fulfilling branch of writing ... but getting it published is unquestionably the hardest.

We are here to give professional, detailed & constructive feedback on your verse. We can also guide you as to your publication options. In short, if you write poetry and want help, then you've come to the right place.

Please note, our advice is best suited to serious poets - those who enjoy reading it as well as writing it. If you're in that category, then we'd love to help

The poetry market

Britain and Ireland have an incredible poetry tradition - but you wouldn't guess it from your local bookshop. Very few shops now stock poetry, apart from a few of the classics and some anthologies.

This is sad. But there is a thriving sub-culture of small presses, enthusiastic magazines and committed readers. Getting a foot in the door of this small but passionate community is tough - and your work needs to be very strong. If you succeed though, the satisfaction is enormous.

What does the Writers' Workshop offer?

It's hard for most poets to get serious, in-depth feedback on their work - yet without that feedback it can be hard to reach the level needed for success.

We are here to offer that feedback.

Who are we?

Our poetry editor is an award-winning published poet with a sound acadmic background. She loves working with new poets, and will be both sympathetic and very honest. For more info see poetry editor.

We can help as follows:

First, we can assess your poetry. We can tell you if it is good enough for publication. Our assessment will be understanding of your objectives as a poet - but also realistic about the standards that need to be met.

Second, we can offer you feedback on what elements of your poetry are working, and which are not. We will give you advice on how to improve your work.

Third, we can advise you on your publication options. We'll give you lots of advice and info on how to go about getting your work published. If conventional publication isn't a realistic option, we will give you lots of advice on self-publishing.

• And fourth, we'll talk to you. About your work. About publication options. About whatever it is you want to know.  

We charge £125 for feedback on poetry up to 300 lines plus £50 per each additional 100 lines.


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