All these London writing workshops take place at Waterstones, Piccadilly. Tickets are on sale at £45 (cost includes a glass of wine on arrival). Unless otherwise stated, all classes will start at 18.30 and wrap up by 21.00. Spaces are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment.

These workshops act as a series of ‘taster’ sessions to the Festival of Writing, allowing writers to experience some of what we offer at our main annual event.

London creative writing courses and classes

Friday 28th July: A London Lit Salon with C.M Taylor & Industry Guests

Location: Waterstones, 203 - 206 Piccadilly, London W1J 9HD. Time: 6.30-9.00
Price £45 (including drink on arrival).

Craig (writing as C M Taylor) is the author of five novels. Premiership Psycho (Corsair 2011) and the Amazon best-selling Group of Death (Corsair 2012) form two-thirds of a savagely satirical trilogy about contemporary celebrity culture described as 'Brilliant' by The Sun, and 'Horribly entertaining' by The Mirror. He's also the author of Light, Cloven and Grief, the latter a dystopian fantasy described by British Science Fiction Association as a work of 'breathtaking originality' and nominated for their 2005 Book of the Year. A keen collaborator, Craig has established a company to create narrative apps. He has been a book editor with the Writers' Workshop since (almost) its inception!


A story is a damn good argument.

We often hear how drama comes from conflict, but how do you hard-wire that conflict into every scene, character, and movement of your plot?

One simple, teachable way is to build your story from theme, and by theme, I mean nothing more nor less than what your book is about- what you as a writer care about most.

In this talk, I will offer simple skills to:

  • Define your book's theme
  • Make your characters embody dramatic, oppositional variants of your theme
  •  Use these theme- carrying characters to define the fundamental antagonism in your plot, and so its structure
  • Explain how the choice of theme governs point of view choice 

To make these skills entirely concrete, in the session we will together spontaneously build a new fiction - a story built up from theme which unites character, plot and point of view into one dramatic whole. 

Industry Q&A: We'll have a panel of  Literary Agents joining us to answer all your queries. 

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These workshops act as a series of Festival of Writing ‘taster’ sessions, to allow writers to experience some of what we offer at the main event. Limited spaces available.