Gift Ideas for the Writer in Your Life

Here are a few gift ideas for the writer in your life, even if that writer is yourself! Below is just a small selection of what we have on offer so do look through our full course listings and our manuscript assessment pages. We'd be happy to create a gift that's just right for your loved one.

Reading for Writers

4 Weeks | Beginners | Online | £195

It is often said that the key to successful writing is making sure you read a lot too – but how can you get the most out of your reading and what sort of things should you be looking for? Aimed at beginners, this class gives you the knowledge you need to spot key techniques used by professional authors and then use them to enhance your own writing. It is also an ideal course for avid readers who want to understand how the nuts and bolts of writing operate.


Creative Writing 101

4 Weeks | Beginners | Online | £245

For those that long to write but aren't sure where to begin. This is a course which aims to shed light, not just on narrative, but on the whole creative process.

Our Creative Writing Flying Start course helps get those words from head to heart and onto page or screen.

The first few exercises are designed to stimulate creativity and to get you into the writing habit. Above all this is about having fun, about letting your imagination fly.


How to Write A Novel

6 Weeks | All levels | Online | £365

Aimed at beginners, and using a variety of writing exercises, this online course is designed for new writers who want to write a novel.You'll learn about how to get ideas, structure a story, write powerful characters, and bring your work to market. The course will provide a great grounding in the basics - but also encourage and inspire.

If you're the sort that likes to begin at the beginning, then our six week course is for you. 


How to Write A Script

4 Weeks | Beginners | Online | £245

This course is designed for anyone wanting to write a script for film or TV. You don't need any prior experience - just a burning desire to tell a story with pictures. On completing the course writers should have all the writing tools they need to complete a compelling and engaging 1st draft of their chosen script.

Whether you want to write for film, television or radio this is the course for you.


Professional guidance on the opening chapters of a novel £145

If you want feedback from a professional editor on your opening chapters, we can review up to 8,000 words of your manuscript ("Opening chunk review"), Or: a covering letter, synopsis and up to 5,000 words of a manuscript ("Agent submission review") for £145. We'll tell you what's working, what's not working, and how to fix the stuff that isn't yet right.

Our editors are a team of about 70 authors and commissioning editors from major publishing houses. Because we have expertise in every genre, for adults and children, we'll have someone who understands your manuscript and its market. Meet the team here.


Writing Picture Books

4 Weeks | All levels | Online | £245

Do you long to write Picture Books that engage and delight young children but don’t know where to begin?  Don’t worry. If you long to write, you’re already halfway there.

This is a course which aims to introduce you to the key skills and techniques required for this specialist area of writing. Picture Books are a child's first contact with the world of books, so this market is always looking for new, quality writing that stimulates young readers. Each week pro author Pippa Goodhart will guide you through the important elements of this genre and get you playing with sound and pictures as well as words.

The Essential Books!

"Invaluable to writers of all kinds" Mark Le Fanu of The Society of Authors on Getting Published.

How To Write
is a comprehensive, unpatronising guide on how to write the kind of book that an agent will want to represent - and that a publisher will want to buy. It's suitable for novelists of every genre. It'll help you if you're only just starting out. It'll also help if you've already completed your first draft and are starting to wrestle it into shape.

Our guide to Getting Published starts off where the other book ends. It deals with how to revise your book, where to get help, whether you need an agent, how to select which agents to target, how to write cover letters, synopses - and absolutely everything else you need to know.

The book also deals with the process of publication itself, and how you can maximise the chance of your book becoming a huge success. Just click the links below to buy the book and make our day.

Price For Both on amazon: £30.98


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