Gifts for the writer in your life


Here are a few gift ideas for the writer in your life (even if that writer is yourself!). Below is just a small selection of what we have to offer as a leading literary consultancy. Do look through our full course listings and our manuscript assessment pages. We would be happy to create a gift with you just right for your loved one. 


The Writers’ Workshop gift vouchers (redeemable with any editorial service or writing course)

The Writers' WorkshopSome people are tricky to buy for, especially with all the choice available. We are happy to provide multi-option, open gift vouchers exchangeable for any product or service. So just drop us a line to discuss this option or simply enter the relevant details and payment amount on our booking form here.


The Writers’ Workshop short reports (manuscripts and agency queries) and writing courses

The Writers' WorkshopIf you want feedback from a professional editor on your opening chapters, we can review up to 8,000 words of your manuscript (Opening chunk review), or a covering letter, synopsis and up to 5,000 words of a manuscript (Agent submission review) for £195. We will tell you what things are working, not working, and how to fix things not yet right. Find out what you need here.

Our editors are a team of authors and commissioning editors from major publishing houses. We have expertise in every genre, for adults and children, so we will have someone who understands your manuscript and its market. Meet the team here and please do get in touch, if you’d like to ask us about purchasing this unique gift for someone.

Alternatively, our courses are designed to give writers key skills and techniques needed for specialist areas of writing, from fiction to non-fiction, picture books to screenwriting. You’ll see courses catering to those completely new to writing, and those needing a push towards producing a first novel. Read more on our course listings and please do get in touch, if you’d like to ask us about purchasing this unique gift for someone.


The Writers’ Workshop reading list

Invaluable to writers of all kinds, as Mark Le Fanu of The Society of Authors has said of Getting Published.

These invaluable Writers’ & Artists’ guides by writer and Workshop founder Harry Bingham are ideal for writers hoping to publish, both available on Amazon.

Give a writer a book and you can’t go far wrong.

The Writers' WorkshopHow To Write
is a comprehensive guide on how to write the kind of book that an agent will want to represent, and that a publisher will want to buy. Suitable for novelists of every genre, this will help new writers just starting out. It may also help if you have a first draft, are starting to wrestle it into shape.


The Writers' WorkshopOur guide to Getting Published starts where How To Write ends. Getting Published deals with how to revise your book, where to get help, whether you need an agent, how to select which agents to target, how to write cover letters, synopses, and absolutely everything else you need to know. The book also deals with the process of publication, how to increase the chances of your book becoming a huge success.


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