Getting Published

Feel baffled by the publishing industry?


You're not alone - the industry is hard for an outsider to navigate. Our advice pages help with the basics, but they can’t be comprehensive ... so we decided to write a book as well.

That book is Getting Published, and it covers:

  • How to tell if your MS is ready for submission
  • Whether to approach agents or publishers
  • How to select agents
  • How to present your MS
  • How to write a synopsis
  • The does and don’ts of covering letters
  • How to interpret feedback from agents
  • What agents do, and how to select the right agent for you
  • And very much more

"Getting Published is excellent. It is so well written, informative and at the same time reaches out a friendly hand to all those struggling writers who feel so isolated.  My children tease me for carrying the book with me everywhere I go, but it is the companion I have been looking for so long now that I am loathe to part with it." - Mithu B

If you're the sort that likes to squeeze the melon before you buy it, then check out the links below to see a number of sample extracts. Or just go ahead and buy it.



Financial considerations How much can you expect to sell your book for? A rough guide
Are you ready? Is your manuscript ready to be marketed? No, but really?
How to choose an editorial consultant? You might not need one - but if you do, then which one?
Who needs an agent? You do, most likely, but here's a handy guide.
Covering letters: what not to do There are lots of things not to do in your covering letter, but here's a quick guide to some of them.
How many agents should you approach? An eternal question.
What Agents Do Yes, what do they do?
Getting an Offer You've got an offer! From a publisher! Hooray ... and what to do after getting up off the floor.
The Advance A short guide to a knotty issue
Libel The easy route to bankruptcy.
The Author-Publisher Relationship A very simple matter this. No tricky issues arising whatsoever. Child's play.
How to work with your editor's comments The traditional way is via screaming tantrums, of course. But there are alternatives.
Ta-daa! - some thoughts on cover design The ta-daa! moment and how to navigate it.
Writing blurb Not always your job, but it might be.
Self-publishing: snakes and saints There are good self-publishing companies and not so good ones. You choose.
Second novel blues: a cautionary tale Maybe not something to worry about just yet, but it's nice to know that you won't be running out of anxieties any time soon.
We also enlisted a number of outside experts to contribute to the book. You can read some of their contributions below.
Wise thoughts, and well worth a read.
Jenny was the commissioning editor for Getting Published, and what she don't know ain't worth knowing.
Outstanding advice from one of the best pros in the business.
You don't need to read this. Your book will just sell itself.