Film & TV Consultants

As with all WW editors, our film and TV consultants are chosen for their range and depth of industry experience. Our script consultants have worked for - among others - the BBC, ITV, Working Title, the Film Council, ABC, CBS, Miramax, Icon, Film4, Channel4, Media Europe and many others. They've won and been shortlisted for major awards and have taught at Birkbeck College, the Open University, the University of East Anglia and elsewhere.

They trust us to write scripts for them. You can trust us to take care of yours.


Jeremy Sheldon

Jeremy Sheldon is a screenwriter, script-doctor, author and lecturer. His feature film credits include Best Laid Plans (2012), Allies (2014), Montana (2014), Writers Retreat (2015), Golden Years (2015) and Pharmacide (2016).

Jonathan Cape published his collection of short stories The Comfort Zone in 2002 and The Smiling Affair, a supernatural thriller, in 2005.

Jeremy has worked in a development role for organizations such as Miramax, Working Title, Icon Entertainment and the Irish Film Board and currently works as a development executive for a number of producers including Omeira Studio Partners.

You can find him on IMDB at

Jon Spira

Jon graduated from the Scottish Film School in Edinburgh in 1999 and went on to spend several years working as a jobbing screenwriter. He was a staff writer on cult Canadian sci-fi show LEXX and wrote various shows for Thames TV and the BBC.

He has written feature film scripts for Manga Live, Palm Pictures and a multitude of shady independent producers. He also wrote the short film Dust which was longlisted for the 2011 BAFTA. Jon helped develop and taught the UK Film Council Screenwriting course from 2004 to 2013, and has taught for the BFI and Ruskin University in Oxford. Jon owned a chain of independent DVD rental stores, a comic shop, an independent DVD label and a couple of film production companies.

He is a working filmmaker and his feature documentary Anyone Can Play Guitar was released in cinemas at the end of 2011. In 2013, Jon was made the in-house documentary filmmaker at the BFI, where he still makes short docs, video essays and talent interviews. Jon's latest feature doc Elstree 1976 gets released in 2016

Favourite script: The Graduate Favourite Film: Midnight Run Favourite Actor: Young Dustin Hoffman Favourite Actress: Dustin Hoffman (in Tootsie, obviously).

erincErin Cramer

Erin is a screenwriter who has had projects in development with Working Title, BBC Films, Celador, Ecosse, Hart Sharp, Wildgaze Films, Finola Dwyer Productions, Wall to Wall, and other companies.  Her short film, Bad Bosses Go to Hell, was produced by Killer Films and has sold widely.  She teaches screenwriting at Met Film School and London Film School.

Erin’s background is in documentaries, and she has been a producer and/or writer for programs on Adolf Hitler, The Black Panthers, Groucho Marx, the Watergate break-in, Brigitte Bardot, and George Wallace for ABC, the Arts and Entertainment Network and CBS. She also wrote and produced Cokie Roberts’ I is for Italy segment for ABC’s Emmy award-winning Millennium broadcast. For many years, Erin was also a member of The V-Girls, a New York-based comic performance group. The V-Girls performed at universities, museums, and galleries across the U.S. and in Europe. In addition, she wrote and directed four plays and several award-winning art videos.

Favourite script: Sideways Favourite Film: Umbrellas of Cherbourg Favourite Actress: Barbara Stanwyck Favourite Actor: James Stewart.

Liz Garner

Liz has worked on the scriptreading board at Miramax in London, and subsequently was Head of Development at Gorgeous, an independent film production company. She now freelances for a number of outfits, including the Irish Film Development Board.

Liz is also a prize-winning writer in her own right. Her first novel Nightdancing (from Hodder Headline) was short-listed for the Authors' Club Best First Novel Award and also for the Pendleton May First Novel Award. Her second novel, Edgar Jones, is forthcoming from the same publishers.

She is currently writing a screenplay for a noted UK features director, with production scheduled for 2009.

Favourite script: Memento or Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind Favourite Film: The Conversation or 2001 or American Beauty Favourite Actress: Cate Blanchett Favourite Actor: Philip Seymour Hoffman

Pauline Kiernan

 Pauline is a commissioned screenwriter, award-winning playwright and Shakespeare scholar. Her latest feature screenplay, an epic love story commissioned by an independent Hollywood producer, is now in development. She is the author of Screenwriting They Can’t Resist.

Favourite scripts: A Streetcar Named Desire and All About My Mother Favourite Films: Brokeback Mountain for visuals and character; Pulp Fiction for dialogue; The Lives of Others for structure; Some Like it Hot for Everything! Favourite Actress: Jeanne Moreau Favourite Actor: Javier Bardem

Ray Grewal

Ray is an award winning writer with broadcast credits on all the terrestrial television channels, BBC Radio and in theatre.  He has worked with writers such as Jeremy Brock (on a cop show set in Soho) and producers including Michael Wearing (on a sequel to the 1999 cinema hit ‘Human Traffic’).  He has created original one-off dramas as well as working on established series.  He was also part of a team of writers who created a late night series for Channel 4 about a group of young offenders serving community service.

Ray began his training as a screenwriter with an undergraduate degree in film-making in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.  He passed with 1st Class Honours and a Commendation in Screenwriting.  He went on to study both in the UK and abroad taking workshops at the BBC in writing sit-coms, writing for radio and writing for Casualty as well as the Writer’s Academy: Series and Serials.  He is a graduate of Robert McKee’s ‘Story Seminar’ and John Truby’s ‘Screenwriting Masterclass’.   Ray continued his education into 2011 when he completed his MA in Writing for Performance at Goldsmith’s, University of London.

Ray is currently working as a writer, script editor and reader for several film and television companies as well as running writing workshops and retreats.

Favourite script: ‘Some Like it Hot/North by North West’, Favourite film: ‘Jaws’, Favourite Actress: ‘Michelle Pfeiffer’, Favourite Actor: ‘Cary Grant’

Amber Trentham

Amber Trentham

Amber graduated from Oxford University in 1998 where she read Greats. She worked as a fiction editor for a few years before focusing on freelance script reading and editing for Working Title Films, ICM, UK Film Council and Gorgeous Films. In 2004-5 she completed the screenwriting MA at LCP and then began her career as a screenwriter.

Her commissioned feature scripts include: DEAD DEVIL DONKEY, Produced by Alan Moloney, executive producer Steve Golin, To be directed by Tom Carty. THE MADOLESCENTS, Adapted from the novel The Madolescents by Chrissie Glazebrook, Produced by David Barron and Stevie Lee, To be directed by Aisling Walsh, Commissioned by The Film Council Development Fund AVAILABLE LIGHT  Produced by Altered Image, To be directed by Tom Carty, Media Europe development award. UFO Produced by Gorgeous Films and Chris Clark, To be directed by Chris Palmer FUTURE PERFECT Produced by Gorgeous Films, To be directed by Chris Palmer

Amber has also run two screenwriting festivals in Marrakech as part of the Arts in Marrakech Festival, and children’s screenwriting workshops for the House of Fairy Tales traveling art circus. Amber is represented by Jodi Shields at Casarotto Ramsay and Associates.

Favourite script: Chinatown or Amores Perros Favourite Film: Bladerunner or Paris texas or Badlands Favourite Actor: Harry Dean Stanton Favourite Actress: Julie Christie