09.20 - 10.00. Sunday Panel. New Opportunities for Writers in the Digital Age 


 Beyond the traditional agent to publisher model, and beyond even the emergent self-publishing model, new chances for writers are booming due to the wildfire spread of smart-phones and tablets.

In this panel we'll be talking to three writers who make their living telling digital stories. With an emphasis on demystifying born digital literature and inspiring you to think about this model as a viable route for your own ideas, the writers will be talking you through their work in an engaging tech-light manner.


The panel will consist of:

Rob Sherman
Rob is the writer behind Random House's experimental new 'narrative gaming experience' Black Crown, an online narrative quest, existing entirely in your browser window. Described as a "fungal epic", players of Black Crown join the Widsith Institute, an archival organisation whose function is to unearth and catalogue the fossilised possessions of a long-gone anthropologist.
Rob is also a musician and designer. He owns a very cheap telescope that seems scared of the moon. Visit his website at: http://bonfiredog.co.uk
Tom Abba
Writer Tom Abba will be talking about his digital story, These Pages Fall Like Ash, composed alongside artists’ collective Circumstance, with creative input from award-winning authors Neil Gaiman and Nick Harkaway. These Pages Fall Like Ash is a mobile story, arming readers with a beautiful hand-crafted wooden book which they read as they walk the the city of Bristol, accessing other content on their mobiles, and becoming part of the story as it unfolds.

Lisa Gee
Lisa is the author of three previous books, including Friends: Why Men & Women are From the Same Planet (Bloomsbury 2004). Lisa writes about digital literature for the Independent on Sunday and the Independent, and judged the New Media Writing Prize in 2012. Lisa will talk about her digital biography, HayleyWorld – a biography of man of letters, amateur doctor and all-round interesting bloke William Hayley 1745-1820 – which is designed so the reader can get to know Hayley in a way that mimics meeting him in real life. Partly crowd-funded by digital publisher Unbound, Lisa will also have some words for us on this new aspect of the publishing landscape.

This panel will be led by Craig Taylor.

Craig (writing as C M Taylor) is the author of five novels. Premiership Psycho (Corsair 2011) and the Amazon best-selling Group of Death (Corsair 2012) form two thirds of a savagely satirical trilogy about contemporary celebrity culture described as 'Brilliant' by The Sun, and 'Horribly entertaining' by The Mirror. He's also the author of Light, Cloven and Grief, the latter a dystopian fantasy described by British Science Fiction Association as a work of 'breathtaking originality' and nominated for their 2005 Book of the Year. A keen collaborator, Craig has established a company to create narrative apps. He has been a book editor with the Writers' Workshop since (almost) its inception