Introducing the 2014 Festival Programme...


Festival of Writing, 2014

The best & most exhilarating writers festival in the UK.

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Meet agents and publishers. Get advice from pro authors. Pitch your work direct to agents. And have fun! Programme details here

Pitch your work.

Pitch your work and get one-to-one feedback from literary agents.

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We invite agents hungry for new talent. They'll read your work and tell you honestly what they think. Find the one-to-one schedule here.

Workshop heaven

We cover every aspect of technique & working with the industry.

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Want a masterclass with a Publisher? Talk crime with crime agents? Learn to e-publish? We've got it all. See the full workshop schedule here!


Get in-depth help on the aspect of writing that matters to you.

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From learning how to e-publish through to writing for children, we've got short courses to suit every need. Find the Mini-Courses here.

More about the Festival of Writing

Lady writerWriting is hard - and it's usually solitary. The Festival aims to give you three massive wins in the course of one, mind-blowing weekend:

1) We help you improve your writing. We've got workshops on almost everything you can think of and we can virtually guarantee that you'll leave us with your mind expanded and your writing better.

2) We help you meet the industry. Our Festival is alive with literary agents, authors and publishers. If you want to pitch your work direct to an agent, you can. If you want to talk over a beer with a publisher, you can. If you want to pick the brains of professional authors in your genre, then please feel free.

3) We give you an amazing time. Our Festival is famous for its warmth, its inclusiveness, its inspirational quality - and its amazing atmosphere. But don't ask us. Ask the people who've been before. Watch the video here. And book your place here!

Yes! And if they love it, they may well agree to represent you. We've had numerous author-agent relationships start at the Festival - and some have gone on to prize shortlists and the Richard & Judy Summer Read. All that matters is that your work is fabulous - and you get it under the right noses. 

The 2014 Festival Programme.
The full Workshop schedule (choose your preferences when you come to book.)
Our Friday afternoon mini-course schedule (courses are optional).
Who's who at the Festival.
Booking is simple - and it's first come first served. So when a specific literary agent is booked out, the chances are those places are gone for ever.
Prices run from £535 (for the full monty, including a mini-course, gala dinner, and two nights accommodation) through to just £175 for a Sunday day-ticket. Book your place here!