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"I have completed courses with the Writer’s Bureau, Writers Forge, Open University, and more and I can say that this was the one I learnt the most from. The teachers were exceptional." Gavin Tomlinson (More feedback)

Creative writing course

For those who long to write but aren't sure where to begin. This is a creative writing course which aims to shed light, not just on narrative, but on the whole creative process.Our Creative Writing Flying Start course helps get those words from head to heart and onto page or screen.

Duration: 4 weeks | Aimed at: Beginners | Location: Home Study | Price: £195


writing a novel course
Aimed at beginners, and using a variety of writing exercises, this online course is designed for new writers who want to write a novel.You'll learn about how to get ideas, structure a story, write powerful characters, and bring your work to market. The course will provide a great grounding in the basics - but also encourage and inspire.

Duration: 6 weeks | Aimed at: Beginners | Location: Home Study | Price: £295


how to write a novel course

For the more confident beginner: perhaps you've written creatively already, or perhaps you're well-read and confident in the basics of the art. Either way, our ten week online writing course will explore subjects such as voice, inner worlds, self-editing and other aspects of the craft that can't be investigated fully in the shorter course. Read more.

Duration: 10 weeks | Aimed at: Beginners | Location: Home Study | Price: £395


writing for children course

Writing for children is a uniquely delicious occupation - but that doesn't mean it's easy! If you have never written anything before, you probably want to start with our course in Writing for Children, which will give the skills and confidence needed to get going. We won't just talk about inspiration and story-telling, we'll also give a realistic sense of what it takes to get published - and how to get there

Duration: 6 weeks | Aimed at: New Writers | Location: Home Study | Price: £295


life writing course

One of the best routes into writing – both fiction and non-fiction – is through our personal experiences and memories; some of our most interesting material comes from our own lives. From getting ideas to structure, character, dialogue, description and voice, this course will help you to research and write about real life, whether memoir, biography, travel, reportage or fiction, and will explore ways of using that material to tell great stories that fully engage the reader.

Duration: 6 weeks | Aimed at: Anyone | Location: Home Study | Price: £295


self-editing your novel course
If you've already written (or part-written) your novel or creative non-fiction manuscript, you'll know that you've set yourself one heck of a challenge. Our inspirational (nay, mind-blowing) course on self-editing will propel you to entirely new levels of insight, confidence and purpose. Run by the hugely popular Emma Darwin and Debi Alper, this turbo-charged version of a creative writing course is a must for any serious writer. Read more.

Duration: 6 weeks | Aimed at: Anyone | Location: Home Study | Price: £295


This course is designed for anyone wanting to write a script for film or TV. You don't need any prior experience - just a burning desire to tell a story with pictures. On completing the course writers should have all the writing tools they need to complete a compelling and engaging 1st draft of their chosen script.

Whether you want to write for film, television or radio this is the course for you.

Duration: 4 weeks | Aimed at: Beginners | Location: Home Study | Price: £195


complete creative writing course
Huh? You want what exactly? You want a prize-winning author to sit down with you and work with you from the very start of your project right through to a third (and possibly final draft)? You want to work at your own pace, have one-to-one contact throughout, get prompt and detailed responses to your concerns and queries - then get help to find an agent at the end, assuming that your novel is good enough? Well, OK, then. We'll see what we can do.

We're thrilled to announce that a former student of The Complete Novel Course, Eve Harris was longlisted for the 2013 Man Booker Prize. A huge congratulations to Eve.  

Duration: TBA | Aimed at: Anyone | Location: Home Study | Price: TBA