Literary agent listings and guidance


How to get a literary agent

  1. Write a wonderful book. (If in doubt, get help).
  2. Make sure you know what agents are there to do. (They do this.)
  3. Develop an agent hunting strategy. (We suggest you do this.)
  4. Write a wonderful query letter. (If in doubt, see some hints and a sample).
  5. Write a wonderful synopsis. (Like this one.)
  6. Check your manuscript presentation. (Using this.)
  7. Then go for it!


Finding a literary agent using Agent Hunter

Agent Hunter (available here) offers a comprehensive list of UK literary agents. The list:

  • is searchable. So you can look for "agents who like sci-fi, are keen to build their client lists and work for a larger literary agency", for example. Or anything else.
  • offers very rich data. So you get not just contact info, but also photos, biographies, likes & dislikes, submission info, and much more
  • is regularly updated
  • is comprehensive - so unlike printed directories, smaller and newer agents are not excluded.

A subscription to the site costs £12 a year, but you get a 7 day free trial, so you risk nothing at all.


Finding an agent using our (free) agent listings

If £12 is too rich for your taste, then we've also got a free spreadsheet listing agents. Click the image (right) to open our agent listings spreadsheet in Google Docs.

Do note that we are no longer updating this spreadsheet, so it's no longer the fine resource it was once. It is also a list of literary agencies. For literary agents themselves you need Agent Hunter (which is miles better anyway.)

Good luck!